I’m Back!

Hi again!

I haven’t posted in practically FOREVER! So today I’m going to post a Crochet pattern!

Crochet Headband:


  • worsted-weight yarn
  • Size I 5.5 millimeter hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • A flower (Optional)
  • A button (preferably Quarter size)


Ch 9, DC in second chain from hook and in next 6

Row 1- 22: DC across

Row 23: DC 2, Ch 3, skip 3, DC 2

Row 24: DC across, Finish off

Sew button on opposite side of headband. Sew on flower if desired. Weave in ends.





Christmas In July!

You know that old saying: Christmas In July?

Well here’s when it comes in handy! Lets get this through your head with a little trivia! Grab a Pencil and a notebook (Or like me you can just use your head!)because it’s time for a POP QUIZ!:

1. There are 6 months till Christmas! What does that mean for crafters?

A. Get your butts to work Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing, and not forgetting the most important!: Pinning!

2. What are you making?


3.You are now asking yourself the question: Why am I doing this again?

A. Because I said so!

Now wasn’t that fun? How many did you get right?


Here is the list a links of what I’m making for my family!:

Dave the Minion (I have to make 4 of the lil critters) they will be for girls so they’ll have pigtails and bows!

Mario Mushroom Hat

A Duct-tape Wallet


A MineCraft Creeper Shirt

A Pair Of Wristers

That’s how far I’ve gotten there’s more to come!



A Change For The Better

Hi! Here are a few Changes For The Better!

Have you noticed a change I’m my style of blogging lately? I hope so! lately I’ve been posting not only about crochet and randomness, but also prayer for people I know and my relatives. That is going to happening for a long time and I hope you’ll post some prayer request too. (and I’ve been posting regularly which is also a change for the better!)

Also notice a change in the theme of the back-ground? Great! That back-ground has a meaning. Notice that its kinda Guatemalan? Well my family is going to be missionary in Guatemala! (I would also appreciate prayer because my parents are heading down to Nicaragua for an interview in 2-3 weeks.) We have to get the money and have People pledge so this will probably happen within the next 1-2 years maybe even months. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Here is a Guatemalan picture:


Have a good day!

Prayer Request

Hi Guys!

I have another Prayer Request
My Cousin Cubby has a cleft palette (the roof of your mouth) which means he has a hole in it and he going to need surgery.

He has already had lip surgery to fix his normal cleft.
My Aunt is really stressed and emotional and needs prayer also.

Other than that he is a healthy, wiggly, intelligent little boy with two energetic big sisters to get him going

Prayers Appreciated!

Candy Stripe, And Chinese Staircase Friendship Bracelets


Ok guys this is my first post with pictures so I hope you like it

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a few bracelets

Knots used:



and forward-backward

First a few needs:

Embroidery Floss Or Yarn












My floss collection from Bethi Lewis










A Clipboard or pillow and safety pin

Nickel sized buttons

And a little time

1 of these can use the backward knot

if you don’t know the backward knot go here http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorials.php


Candy Stripe

Now you will need to know at least the forward knot for this bracelet

Lets get started









You will need at least THREE 2 Foot strands of Your floss or yarn and fold them in half and make a slipknot at the top I will explain why later

Arrange your colors in what ever order suits you

now pick up your first strand on the left

then you will need to do forward knots all down the strings with that strand

and continue doing that till long enough

And yes my clipboard is ugly!








Chinese staircase

This is the easiest of all Bracelets

You will need at least TWO 2 foot strands of floss








Fold in half and tie in slip knot

and grab 3 of the strands in your left hand








then grab the other one and start making forward knots









here’s what it looks like somewhat









Now do that until long enough

Now time to explain the folding and knotting

this is where the buttons come in

when long enough


instead thread them through the button hole do a backward0forward knot and slip it in to the slip knot at the top

TA-DA! a clasp for you bracelet

I hope you Enjoyed this pattern

Heres a poll: