My Last Post

This is my last post on Joyfully Created, I will be creating a new blog! It’s sole purpose is going to be somewhat the same. But with a few extras to be announced later! This blog is to stay up and readable, but will not have any new posts.

This is me signing off, til next time, Kayla


Sketch it, Paint it, Post it!

Lately I’ve been trying to improve my blogging, and artistic skills!

I have actually improved quite a bit!, I went from fancy stick figures to pretty decent people. My weak spots are Hands, Feet, the occasional eye, and anything that has to do with boys… I may never be as good as many of the artists out there, but I have improved a lot! As much as I love my sketching pencils and colored pencils, I usually opt for a mechanical pencil for the actual drawing, I use the more expensive pencil for finishing and perfecting my work. I prefer drawing Semi-Realistic and Cartoonistic over Realistic drawing. I’ve tried a bit of realism and didn’t like it much. A blog HERE has some hilarious and helpful tutorials on cartoon-ism, The problem is the site itself is in a different language, the tutorials, however, are not! (SCORE!). The artist who draws them is Norman Lemay, story artist on the studio Disney Animation!

As for painting, I personally prefer watercolor over acrylic, I’m pretty good with a brush! I like smaller brushes over huge ones, I simply adore painting flowers and cards. I suck at landscapes…. Painting tutorials can be found EVERYWHERE, just look!

Blogging…. We all know I’m no master when it comes to blogging, my last post was in JULY! That’s not a good sign… I plan to blog at least ONCE a week…

Anyway, This is probably my best post, but now it’s over, Bye!


Hey there!

I recently started doing origami! Origami is “the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.” My favorite site for Patterns and research is Origami-Fun. Most of their patterns have “PDF” Versions, and some even have Videos! (For beginners like me who haven’t a clue what a “Inside Reverse Fold/Outside Reverse Fold” is…)

I have mastered The Fortune teller. (Cootie catchers for all the people born in the 1970-1980 Era, Not me…) The Origami Butterfly By Akira Yoshizawa. The Jumping Frog, And The Traditional Box so far! I will be posting some more cool patterns soon! Bye bye for now!!!


Hey There!

Today is my 2 Year anniversary to WordPress Blogging, So to celebrate I am going to post my very first, Original Pattern! It Is a boot cuff pattern, So here goes!


  • Worsted Weight Yarn, I used Red Heart’s With love, in a baby blue.
  • A “K” Hook
  • A tapestry needle

Stitches Used:

  • FPDC (Front Post Double Crochet, Here is a nice tutorial.)
  • Shell Stitch, or Scallop Stitch
  • Double Crochet
  • Single Crochet
  • Chain
  • Slip stitch


This pattern is worked in joined rounds, DO NOT TURN UNLESS NOTED!:

Round 1: Chain enough evenly to fit LOOSELY around your upper thigh, plus 2, Join with a slip stitch(I chained 34, but I have teenager legs, and mine were a little tight.)

Round 2: SC around, join with slst, ch 1

Round 3-4: SC around, join with slst, ch 2

Round 5: DC around, join with slst, ch 2

Now Is the Hardest part of the WHOLE thing! At this point you MUST know how to FPDC, or Follow this link Here, to learn!

Round 6-11: FPDC around, join with slst, ch 1

Round 12-14: SC around, join with slst, chain 2

Round 15: 4 DC, in same stitch as join, slst in next stitch, SC in next. {5 DC in next stitch, slst in next, SC in next} Repeat between “{ }” around.

Weave in ends, Make second boot cuff.

P.S.: I STILL haven’t made the second one, So don’t feel bad! If you don’t feel like making the second one, Then find a nice scarf and hat pattern and make a matching set!

Sincerely, Kayla.


Hey There!,

I “recently” got Pinterest, like around Christmas, but anyway.

I now have Pinterest, and you can find me as: Mikayla Lawrence

I’ve been pinning like Crazy! I have also started making labels for my crochet boards being: Owlicious, The Movie geek in me, And Guardians Of Ga’hoole (Because I ADORE it! I think Gylfie is my personal favorite! I also adore Eglantine, Soren, And Digger!) I have multiple boards and will be linking my Pinterest to niftynickelsdaughter!

Now to a more Serious note!:

I will be changing my blog name to………Joyfully Created! This will be active: NOW!

Sincerly, Kayla

The Rainbow Loom (Plus some patterns!)

Hey Guys! I know I posted yesterday, but I need to catch up!

I’m almost 94% sure you’ve heard of: The Rainbow Loom!!!!!

All of my friends have started wearing this RUBBER BAND Bracelets and I wondered where they came from!

Of Course, being my self I did some Googling and found out I could make them my self as long as I had the rubber bands (Some bracelets don’t need a loom) thanks to this wonderful site!

Here’s a List of patterns

Thanks you for reading this post. All Credit goes to LoomLove and all the patterns they found!


Ok, I really need to get into the habit of blogging again. My goal is to post at least once a week, Anyway let’s get going.

I recently got in Beading. Ok, so not recently, Probably more like 2-3 months. So much so that I went from a 4×6 tackle box to an Extra large one, my bead collection went from 50-75 beads and spare wire, to roughly 750 beads (And still growing!), and 6-7 spools of wire, including 2 spools of colored wire (Red and Navy). I also started to use tools instead of my fingers.(I don’t recommend that, my fingers hurt for like 3 hours after, unfortunately I still tend to open jump rings with them!)

My cup-of-tea is earrings, but I’ve created a few necklaces and bracelets. (I made a Necklace-earring set for my Youth group’s Christmas party)  Thankfully, this Christmas was Awesome! I got beads and beads, and more beads! (And a trip to hobby lobby for expensive tools!) I got Round-Nose pliers, Nylon Jaw (They straighten the wire out and warm it up, so it bends easier), A 1-step looper (It was Totally worth the 35$ I didn’t pay), Wire-cutters (Also called Nippers or clippers!) ,and of course I still have my original inexpensive 3-in-1 tools. (I have 2 pairs, and am planning on purchasing a pair of them as a gift to my uncle, apparently he’s fascinated with what I do, Although his, friend’s brother, is an Expert in my eyes. He can make something as simple as a strand of twisted pearls look like some major designer’s work!) I will be posting future posts on this, so stay tuned for awesome patterns!