Sketch it, Paint it, Post it!

Lately I’ve been trying to improve my blogging, and artistic skills!

I have actually improved quite a bit!, I went from fancy stick figures to pretty decent people. My weak spots are Hands, Feet, the occasional eye, and anything that has to do with boys… I may never be as good as many of the artists out there, but I have improved a lot! As much as I love my sketching pencils and colored pencils, I usually opt for a mechanical pencil for the actual drawing, I use the more expensive pencil for finishing and perfecting my work. I prefer drawing Semi-Realistic and Cartoonistic over Realistic drawing. I’ve tried a bit of realism and didn’t like it much. A blog HERE has some hilarious and helpful tutorials on cartoon-ism, The problem is the site itself is in a different language, the tutorials, however, are not! (SCORE!). The artist who draws them is Norman Lemay, story artist on the studio Disney Animation!

As for painting, I personally prefer watercolor over acrylic, I’m pretty good with a brush! I like smaller brushes over huge ones, I simply adore painting flowers and cards. I suck at landscapes…. Painting tutorials can be found EVERYWHERE, just look!

Blogging…. We all know I’m no master when it comes to blogging, my last post was in JULY! That’s not a good sign… I plan to blog at least ONCE a week…

Anyway, This is probably my best post, but now it’s over, Bye!


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