Ok, I really need to get into the habit of blogging again. My goal is to post at least once a week, Anyway let’s get going.

I recently got in Beading. Ok, so not recently, Probably more like 2-3 months. So much so that I went from a 4×6 tackle box to an Extra large one, my bead collection went from 50-75 beads and spare wire, to roughly 750 beads (And still growing!), and 6-7 spools of wire, including 2 spools of colored wire (Red and Navy). I also started to use tools instead of my fingers.(I don’t recommend that, my fingers hurt for like 3 hours after, unfortunately I still tend to open jump rings with them!)

My cup-of-tea is earrings, but I’ve created a few necklaces and bracelets. (I made a Necklace-earring set for my Youth group’s Christmas party)  Thankfully, this Christmas was Awesome! I got beads and beads, and more beads! (And a trip to hobby lobby for expensive tools!) I got Round-Nose pliers, Nylon Jaw (They straighten the wire out and warm it up, so it bends easier), A 1-step looper (It was Totally worth the 35$ I didn’t pay), Wire-cutters (Also called Nippers or clippers!) ,and of course I still have my original inexpensive 3-in-1 tools. (I have 2 pairs, and am planning on purchasing a pair of them as a gift to my uncle, apparently he’s fascinated with what I do, Although his, friend’s brother, is an Expert in my eyes. He can make something as simple as a strand of twisted pearls look like some major designer’s work!) I will be posting future posts on this, so stay tuned for awesome patterns!


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