Christmas In July!

You know that old saying: Christmas In July?

Well here’s when it comes in handy! Lets get this through your head with a little trivia! Grab a Pencil and a notebook (Or like me you can just use your head!)because it’s time for a POP QUIZ!:

1. There are 6 months till Christmas! What does that mean for crafters?

A. Get your butts to work Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing, and not forgetting the most important!: Pinning!

2. What are you making?


3.You are now asking yourself the question: Why am I doing this again?

A. Because I said so!

Now wasn’t that fun? How many did you get right?


Here is the list a links of what I’m making for my family!:

Dave the Minion (I have to make 4 of the lil critters) they will be for girls so they’ll have pigtails and bows!

Mario Mushroom Hat

A Duct-tape Wallet


A MineCraft Creeper Shirt

A Pair Of Wristers

That’s how far I’ve gotten there’s more to come!




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