How To Crochet Wristers.

Whether you call them wristers ,sleeves ,or arm warmers they keep your arm warm + they’re fashionable ENJOY!!!


Yarn(any kind)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The ability to Half Double, and Double crochet (If you want to use those stitches)                                                                                     And a Yarn needle


Chain 20 Stitches ( Or enough to fit around your wrist ) Then Add two Chains

Yarn over go into the second loop from the hook

You should have three loops on your hook (If not the you most likely forgot/didn’t see you were supposed to yarn over (unless your doing single crochet)

Now pull through all three loops and continue till end

Demonstration of half double crochet (U.S. ter...

Demonstration of half double crochet (U.S. terminology). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you chain two and turn your work

Now do 7 more rows of HDC (half double crochet)

Then Double crochet  three rows

HDC 1 row

(if your not doing DC then you don’t have to do the last two steps)

Now bind off leaving a 10 inch tail

Use your Tail and needle to sew the first 6 rows together at the sides

Skip the next 2 Then sew the rest at the side

Repeat for the other one (if your making one)


If you would like to read my moms blog here it is The Nifty Nickel


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