Hey there!

I recently started doing origami! Origami is “the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.” My favorite site for Patterns and research is Origami-Fun. Most of their patterns have “PDF” Versions, and some even have Videos! (For beginners like me who haven’t a clue what a “Inside Reverse Fold/Outside Reverse Fold” is…)

I have mastered The Fortune teller. (Cootie catchers for all the people born in the 1970-1980 Era, Not me…) The Origami Butterfly By Akira Yoshizawa. The Jumping Frog, And The Traditional Box so far! I will be posting some more cool patterns soon! Bye bye for now!!!


Hey There!

Today is my 2 Year anniversary to WordPress Blogging, So to celebrate I am going to post my very first, Original Pattern! It Is a boot cuff pattern, So here goes!


  • Worsted Weight Yarn, I used Red Heart’s With love, in a baby blue.
  • A “K” Hook
  • A tapestry needle

Stitches Used:

  • FPDC (Front Post Double Crochet, Here is a nice tutorial.)
  • Shell Stitch, or Scallop Stitch
  • Double Crochet
  • Single Crochet
  • Chain
  • Slip stitch


This pattern is worked in joined rounds, DO NOT TURN UNLESS NOTED!:

Round 1: Chain enough evenly to fit LOOSELY around your upper thigh, plus 2, Join with a slip stitch(I chained 34, but I have teenager legs, and mine were a little tight.)

Round 2: SC around, join with slst, ch 1

Round 3-4: SC around, join with slst, ch 2

Round 5: DC around, join with slst, ch 2

Now Is the Hardest part of the WHOLE thing! At this point you MUST know how to FPDC, or Follow this link Here, to learn!

Round 6-11: FPDC around, join with slst, ch 1

Round 12-14: SC around, join with slst, chain 2

Round 15: 4 DC, in same stitch as join, slst in next stitch, SC in next. {5 DC in next stitch, slst in next, SC in next} Repeat between “{ }” around.

Weave in ends, Make second boot cuff.

P.S.: I STILL haven’t made the second one, So don’t feel bad! If you don’t feel like making the second one, Then find a nice scarf and hat pattern and make a matching set!

Sincerely, Kayla.


Hey There!,

I “recently” got Pinterest, like around Christmas, but anyway.

I now have Pinterest, and you can find me as: Mikayla Lawrence

I’ve been pinning like Crazy! I have also started making labels for my crochet boards being: Owlicious, The Movie geek in me, And Guardians Of Ga’hoole (Because I ADORE it! I think Gylfie is my personal favorite! I also adore Eglantine, Soren, And Digger!) I have multiple boards and will be linking my Pinterest to niftynickelsdaughter!

Now to a more Serious note!:

I will be changing my blog name to………Joyfully Created! This will be active: NOW!

Sincerly, Kayla

The Rainbow Loom (Plus some patterns!)

Hey Guys! I know I posted yesterday, but I need to catch up!

I’m almost 94% sure you’ve heard of: The Rainbow Loom!!!!!

All of my friends have started wearing this RUBBER BAND Bracelets and I wondered where they came from!

Of Course, being my self I did some Googling and found out I could make them my self as long as I had the rubber bands (Some bracelets don’t need a loom) thanks to this wonderful site!

Here’s a List of patterns

Thanks you for reading this post. All Credit goes to LoomLove and all the patterns they found!


Ok, I really need to get into the habit of blogging again. My goal is to post at least once a week, Anyway let’s get going.

I recently got in Beading. Ok, so not recently, Probably more like 2-3 months. So much so that I went from a 4×6 tackle box to an Extra large one, my bead collection went from 50-75 beads and spare wire, to roughly 750 beads (And still growing!), and 6-7 spools of wire, including 2 spools of colored wire (Red and Navy). I also started to use tools instead of my fingers.(I don’t recommend that, my fingers hurt for like 3 hours after, unfortunately I still tend to open jump rings with them!)

My cup-of-tea is earrings, but I’ve created a few necklaces and bracelets. (I made a Necklace-earring set for my Youth group’s Christmas party)  Thankfully, this Christmas was Awesome! I got beads and beads, and more beads! (And a trip to hobby lobby for expensive tools!) I got Round-Nose pliers, Nylon Jaw (They straighten the wire out and warm it up, so it bends easier), A 1-step looper (It was Totally worth the 35$ I didn’t pay), Wire-cutters (Also called Nippers or clippers!) ,and of course I still have my original inexpensive 3-in-1 tools. (I have 2 pairs, and am planning on purchasing a pair of them as a gift to my uncle, apparently he’s fascinated with what I do, Although his, friend’s brother, is an Expert in my eyes. He can make something as simple as a strand of twisted pearls look like some major designer’s work!) I will be posting future posts on this, so stay tuned for awesome patterns!

I’m Back!

Hi again!

I haven’t posted in practically FOREVER! So today I’m going to post a Crochet pattern!

Crochet Headband:


  • worsted-weight yarn
  • Size I 5.5 millimeter hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • A flower (Optional)
  • A button (preferably Quarter size)


Ch 9, DC in second chain from hook and in next 6

Row 1- 22: DC across

Row 23: DC 2, Ch 3, skip 3, DC 2

Row 24: DC across, Finish off

Sew button on opposite side of headband. Sew on flower if desired. Weave in ends.




Christmas In July!

You know that old saying: Christmas In July?

Well here’s when it comes in handy! Lets get this through your head with a little trivia! Grab a Pencil and a notebook (Or like me you can just use your head!)because it’s time for a POP QUIZ!:

1. There are 6 months till Christmas! What does that mean for crafters?

A. Get your butts to work Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing, and not forgetting the most important!: Pinning!

2. What are you making?


3.You are now asking yourself the question: Why am I doing this again?

A. Because I said so!

Now wasn’t that fun? How many did you get right?


Here is the list a links of what I’m making for my family!:

Dave the Minion (I have to make 4 of the lil critters) they will be for girls so they’ll have pigtails and bows!

Mario Mushroom Hat

A Duct-tape Wallet


A MineCraft Creeper Shirt

A Pair Of Wristers

That’s how far I’ve gotten there’s more to come!