Candy Stripe, And Chinese Staircase Friendship Bracelets


Ok guys this is my first post with pictures so I hope you like it

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a few bracelets

Knots used:



and forward-backward

First a few needs:

Embroidery Floss Or Yarn












My floss collection from Bethi Lewis










A Clipboard or pillow and safety pin

Nickel sized buttons

And a little time

1 of these can use the backward knot

if you don’t know the backward knot go here


Candy Stripe

Now you will need to know at least the forward knot for this bracelet

Lets get started









You will need at least THREE 2 Foot strands of Your floss or yarn and fold them in half and make a slipknot at the top I will explain why later

Arrange your colors in what ever order suits you

now pick up your first strand on the left

then you will need to do forward knots all down the strings with that strand

and continue doing that till long enough

And yes my clipboard is ugly!








Chinese staircase

This is the easiest of all Bracelets

You will need at least TWO 2 foot strands of floss








Fold in half and tie in slip knot

and grab 3 of the strands in your left hand








then grab the other one and start making forward knots









here’s what it looks like somewhat









Now do that until long enough

Now time to explain the folding and knotting

this is where the buttons come in

when long enough


instead thread them through the button hole do a backward0forward knot and slip it in to the slip knot at the top

TA-DA! a clasp for you bracelet

I hope you Enjoyed this pattern

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A Experiment (you don’t have to read it)

This is just for school




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You can be one too!

This is all you do:

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Try it and see!

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Crochet Ripple Stitch!!!!!

As you all know I put up poll for my next post

(P.S. if the winning post was not what you hoped for I’m going to be posting those too)

And the winner was: Crochet Ripple Stitch!

And now time for the pattern!


Yarn (Any Kind)

A Crochet Hook (the size you need for your yarn)

Time (Just kidding)

A pattern using this stitch (Optional)


DC (double crochet)

SC (single crochet)

CH (chain)

SC2DC (Pattern Stitch single double double)

The Stitch

Chain in a multiple of three

Then add one

Now in the third chain from the hook

DC two

In the next chain Single crochet once then double crochet two in the same stitch (SC2DC) this the pattern stitch

*Skip two chains

*Then SC2DC

Repeat the *starred* steps till there are only three stitches left SC 1 in the very last stitch

After working two chain stitches and turning your work, do two double crochet stitches into the last single crochet of the previous row. This stitch will be right next to the turning chain, this is how you will begin each row.

Skip over the two double crochet stitches and work the pattern stitch — one single crochet and two double crochet stitches — into the next single crochet . This is how you will work the entire body of your piece, except for the beginning and end of each row

At the end of the row, work a single crochet into the top of the turning chain from the previous row as shown above. This is how you will end every row.

It’s called a ripple stitch because the SC2DC makes bumps

P.S. if you thought this was chevron stitch it’s not sorry

Thanks for reading my blog!

Baby Canadian Goose


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A Few Blogs

Hi again this time I’m giving you few crochet blogs to check out

First we have ravelry it’s not actually a blog but you can look up patterns

Next we have she has awesome patterns

Then we have

How To Crochet Wristers.

Whether you call them wristers ,sleeves ,or arm warmers they keep your arm warm + they’re fashionable ENJOY!!!


Yarn(any kind)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The ability to Half Double, and Double crochet (If you want to use those stitches)                                                                                     And a Yarn needle


Chain 20 Stitches ( Or enough to fit around your wrist ) Then Add two Chains

Yarn over go into the second loop from the hook

You should have three loops on your hook (If not the you most likely forgot/didn’t see you were supposed to yarn over (unless your doing single crochet)

Now pull through all three loops and continue till end

Demonstration of half double crochet (U.S. ter...

Demonstration of half double crochet (U.S. terminology). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you chain two and turn your work

Now do 7 more rows of HDC (half double crochet)

Then Double crochet  three rows

HDC 1 row

(if your not doing DC then you don’t have to do the last two steps)

Now bind off leaving a 10 inch tail

Use your Tail and needle to sew the first 6 rows together at the sides

Skip the next 2 Then sew the rest at the side

Repeat for the other one (if your making one)


If you would like to read my moms blog here it is The Nifty Nickel

How This Started

I know this is kind of late to say but I’m doing it anyway.

It all started through Easy-Peasy-All-In-One-Homeshool

Lee Giles (the founder) told me that I was starting a blog and it could be whatever I wanted it to be so I chose Crochet and Crafts

I know that does not explain the Butterfly. That was for school I had to post media and can’t work the SD card. So it’s a older photo and that’s how I started Next Post : How To Crochet Wristers!!!!


Sorry if you thought that the post below was spam it’s not it’s just me getting your info in case your having problems or Vice-Versa

Thanks ~ Kayla


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